National University of Rosario – Rosario, Argentina
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (Profesora en inglés, título univesitario) (2001-2005)
Average mark: 8.15 / Specialization: Teaching and Learning Styles

National University of Rosario – Rosario, Argentina
Post degree in Education in English (Postítulo de formación universitaria en Inglés) (2001-2003)
Average mark: 8.20

Instituto de Enseñanza Superior N°28 “Olga Cossettini” – Rosario, Argentina
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (1995-1999)
Average mark: 7.44

Eurocentre - Bournemouth, England
Certificate of English (02/1996)
Level 9

University of Cambridge
First Certificate in English (12/1995)
Grade A

Escuela Normal Superior en Lenguas Vivas N°1 “Nicolás Avellaneda”-Rosario, Argentina
Secondary School Degree Specializing in Education (Bachiller con Orientación Docente) (1990/1994)
Average mark: 8.70 


                "Laboratorio Pedagógico" EES N° 572- Rosario Argentina
                Coordinator (05/2012-present)
                       .      Responsible for training secondary school teachers and students in the use of web 2.0 tools.
                       .       In charge of monitoring digital material they create.

Escuela Nacional Superior de Comercio N° 49 “J.J de Urquiza”– Rosario, Argentina
EFL teacher (05/2011-present)
·         Teach English to grade 12 (5° año)

Escuela de Enseñanza Secundaria N° 572 (ex anexo EEM N°350) – Rosario, Argentina
EFL teacher (03/1999-present)
·         Teach English to grades 8, 9 ,10 and 11(1°,2°,3° y 4° año)

Private teacher of English (03/1999-present) – Rosario, Argentina
·         Teach English to adults (beginner to advanced level)
·         Provide one-to-one lessons and small group courses at my office in Rosario.
·         Responsible for providing tailor-made lessons for travellers, young entrepreneurs and professionals.
Madison School of English – Rosario, Argentina
EFL teacher (03/1999-12/2006)
·         Teach English to teenagers and adults (beginner to advanced level)
·         Responsible for training students who sat for KET and  PET exams and accelerated courses

 IALE Institute– Rosario, Argentina 
EFL teacher (03/2000-12/2000)
·         Teach English to teenagers and adults (beginner to advanced level)

AELS Institute – Rosario, Argentina
In-company teacher (06/1999-01/2000)
·         Teach business English  to Human Resources Personnel (pre-intermediate level)

Escuela Primaria N° 456 "Dr. Carlos Pellegrini"– Rosario, Argentina
EFL teacher (03/1999-02/2000)
·         Teach English to grade 7



“Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA)”- Programme of the Bureau of Educational Affairs of the United States Department of State, implemented by the International Research & Exchanges Board.
Participant in a professional development program in Washington DC and Montana State University, U.S.A. (1st Feb-25th March 2011)

·         The programme provided secondary school teachers from Europe, Asia, Africa, Near East, and the Western Hemisphere with opportunities to develop expertise in their subject areas.
·         It included coursework and intensive training in teaching methodologies, lesson planning, teaching strategies, and the use of computers for Internet, word processing, and as teaching tools.
·         It also included an internship at a U.S. secondary school to engage participants with teachers and students.

Conferences, congresses, seminars and workshops I have attended 

“Laboratorio Pedagógico”- Rosario, Argentina (August- November 2011)
 4 month workshop for secondary school teachers on the use of ICT in the classroom.

"25° Encuentro Internacional de Actualización Docente"- Bariloche,Argentina (6th-10th October 2011)
  International Congress on new approaches and dimensions in education.

“Jornadas 75 aniversario del Profesorado en Inglés”. Rosario, Argentina (1st October 2011)
Lectures on the concept of text washback and education in the XXI century

  "12th International Conference for ELT managers and Directors of Studies" (26th-27th August 2011)
  Conference for experienced coordinators and teachers who would like to be trained to be coordinators

“Conectar Igualdad” (April-July 2011)
  12-week course on the use of ICT in the classroom
“TIOD10” On-line research workshop  (March-Ma y 2010)
 12-week workshop on new ways in which students learn and the use of technology in the classroom

“Leadership and Coaching”– Rosario, Argentina (2009)
Workshop on how to apply coaching techniques in the classroom

“What do we communicate when we communicate?”- Rosario, Argentina (2008)
Workshop on how to foster relevant communication
“Not children anymore…Not teens yet. How to successfully teach English to the in-betweens” Rosario, Argentina (2007) Seminar on motivating, teaching and assessing teenagers

XXXI FAAPI Conference: Multiple Intelligences - Beyond the Four Skills – Rosario, Argentina (2006)
Conference on the roles of teacher and learner in the development of English language skills

“Getting students to talk: The magic ingredients”- Rosario, Argentina (2005)
Seminar on techniques and strategies to encourage students to speak in class

“English at the Speed of Thought”-Rosario, Argentina (2004)
Presentation on techniques to help students learn more and more quickly

“The Secret Language of Business” Rosario, Argentina (2004)
Presentation on the real language business people must learn

“Turning difference to advantage” -Rosario, Argentina (2003)
Seminar on how to work with mixed ability classes

“Storytelling in the foreign language classroom” -Rosario, Argentina (2003)
Seminar on the use of stories in the classroom

Active Professional Memberships

AKANA: On-line community of teachers developed by the Ministry of Education of Argentina (2011-present)

TeachingEnglish (BBC/ British Council): On-line community of teachers of English (2011-present)

State Alumni: Global community for participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs (2010-present)

Edutopia:. On-line community of public school educators (2010-present)

Docentes Innovadores. NET: On-line community of innovative educators (2010-present)

Excellere Consultora Educativa: On-line community of Latin American teachers (2008-present)

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